Expedition and Research Photograpys

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2014 Frost Flower Observation at Siorapaluk, Greenland

2013 Greenland Ice Sheet (SIGMA Project)

2012 Greenland Ice Sheet (SIGMA and GRENE Project)

2011 Greenland Ice Sheet (SIGMA Project)

2010 IAI Swiss Field Course

2010 Alanska Snow Survey (Fairbanks - Pludo Bay)

2009 Fedchenko Glacier Expedition and Tajikistan & Kirghis Rep.

2008 IAI Swiss Field Course

2008 Glaciological Expedition at Aurora Peak in Alaska Range (Under Constr.)

2007 IAI Swiss Field Course (Under Constr.)

2006 Glaciological Expedition at Mount Ichinsky, Kamchatka (Under Constr.)

2006 Winter Kamchatka (Under Constr.)

2005 Installing of Aerosol Monitoring system in Kamchatka (Under Constr.)

2005 Glaciological Expedition in Mount Wrangell (Under Constr.)

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